Tom Velek

Coaches–you have completed our local coaching development session “Implementing a Culture of Training Efficiency”.  If you need to review it, please go to the link below and click on the PowerPoint we covered in our session.  In particular think about the “Cycle of Training Efficiency”–we evaluate matches to determine what we need to work on in training and whether our training has been successful addressing issues. This evaluation determines how we organize and implement subsequent training sessions.

Based on the last tournament please address the two questions in this discussion.  Feel free to comment on the threads established by other coaches and provide recommendations for training. In particular, veteran coaches can you help our younger coaches with ways to address the deficit they found for their teams?

  1. What was the ONE most important thing your team needs to address in training. (Remember training efficiency means that while activities are structured to address the one most important need they also train multiple areas).
  2. How do you intend to structure your training to address the issue/need? In particular what training activities will you use with your team?

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