CSO Collegiate Scholarship Application

  • Please explain your playing experience with Columbus Soccer Organization teams including Columbus United and/or Columbus Crew at U15 and/or above.
  • Where will you be continuing your education after high school. (This includes both 4 and 2 year institutions of higher learning as well as work force training/trade training institutions and programs.)
  • Will you be playing soccer at your post-high school educational institution?
  • In 500 words or less please tell the committee about your experience with CSO and your qualifications to receive this scholarship.
  • The CSO Collegiate Scholarship award is for $500 per year, renewable for up to 3 years. Individuals will need to apply each year for renewal. The funds will be paid directly to the institution after a statement from the institution of need to pay institutional expenses. The scholarship is available only for those with unpaid institutional expenses. It can not be used to pay for individual expenses including books or other expenses characterized as "cost of attendance" by federal guidelines.