About C.S.O.

The Columbus Soccer Organization is the home for soccer in the Columbus, Mississippi area. C.S.O. provides soccer opportunities to the community from numerous programs like recreational soccer, club soccer, adult soccer, and TOPSoccer. C.S.O. is always looking for ways to improve the opportunities it provides to the players and families of the community.

Our Mission & Vision

The Columbus Soccer Organization was formed in 2008 to better serve the soccer community of Columbus, Mississippi. Since that time C.S.O. has strived to provide the best opportunities for players in the area by providing numerous programs and resources to the players and families within the area and surrounding areas alike. We strive to provide an environment in which all players can improve and develop a love for soccer. Our mission is to get kids playing the game of soccer in a safe environment where we lay out the proper foundations for growth in the sport despite the level being played.

Philosophy & Style of Play

Our philosophy is centered on player and coaching development. We strive to provide an environment in which all players can improve and develop a love for soccer and athletics. This is pursued through enhanced skills training, challenging conditioning, and wider competition. Coaches are encouraged to continue to develop as coaches and earn higher levels of certification and licensure. 

C.S.O. Soccer Programs

C.S.O. offers the following programs to players in the community.

-Recreational Soccer

-Competitive Club Soccer

-Adult Soccer


C.S.O. Policies

-Refund Policy

C.S.O. Board


Tom Velek…..Director

Clifton McDonald….Competitive Soccer

Jessica Tackett…..Recreational Soccer

Amber Brislin…..Public Outreach

Taylor Richardson…..Secretary 

Contact Info


Recreational Soccer

Email: bentonjessica769@yahoo.com

Phone: 769-226-7294

Competitive Soccer

Director of Coaching

Tom Velek

Email: tvelek@yahoo.com

Phone: 662-386-7392

Board Member & Tournament Director

Clifton McDonald



Columbus Soccer Organization
413 4th Ave. S.
Suite #4
Columbus, MS 39701


2021/2022 Budget

2021/2022 CSO Budget


Our Facilities

Want to Become A Sponsor?

There are many opportunities to become a part of the Columbus Soccer Organization family. We are always looking to establish partnerships with local organizations that would benefit both our members and local groups. If you would like to become a sponsor or request more information please contact us. Don’t forget that your sponsorship contribution is also tax deductible.