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About C.S.O. Recreational Soccer

CSO is proud to offer recreational soccer to the youth in our community and areas beyond. Here at CSO we truly believe that recreational soccer is the foundation that any successful program is built upon. The staff at CSO strives daily to provide an environment that enhances a player’s understanding of the game, provides a safe environment, and most importantly allows for each and every player to have fun taking part in the game we all love.

Purpose: The Recreational Level is the entry playing level for boys and girls Under 4 through Under 19 Coed teams. 

Objectives: Its registered teams are formed for the express purposes of teaching the necessary playing abilities and skills of The Game; maximum game and practice participation of each rostered player; physical and mental fitness; and the enjoyment of The Game. Recreational teams are not formed to play competitive level soccer. All programs in the Under 4, Under 5, Under 6 shall play 3 on 3 formats. Under 7 and Under 8 age groups shall play 4 on 4 formats. Single year age divisions shall be used whenever possible. Boys and girls will be separated for the purpose of teams and teams will play against the same gender. In some circumstances age groups may be co-ed.


Recreational Soccer Rules and Additional Information

All matches will be played according to USYS Small Sided Soccer Rules. Age groups below u6 will follow u6 rules.

USYS Small Sided Soccer Rules

Heading and Build Out

Practices schedules are determined after teams have been formed. A practice schedule is made by the head coach of each team. CSO does not determine or assign practice times. All players must wear appropriate soccer gear for training including shin guards and cleats. All players must bring their own water and ball to practice. Teams U6 and below typically practice one time per week. Teams U8 and above typically practice two times per week.

Any special requests must be made in writing at the time of registration.  Additional information and requests may only be made on the registration form.   CSO will not field calls or e-mails with special requests after registration is complete. 
Please note: absolutely no player will be moved after rosters have been completed. 

Recreational Soccer Refund Policy

1. Refunds can only be provided for the registration fee. Therefore, the maximum amount of the request can not exceed the registration for a particular playing year. All requests must be in writing
2. There are no refunds of fees of online processing fees or other expenses.
3. Refunds will not be given if the request comes after the roster for the team has been set and finalized.


Rules For All Teams and Age Groups
1. All players will play at least 50% of each match. Depending on the size of rosters some players may play more than 50% of the time, but all players must play at least 50% of each match.
2. Substitutions may only be done at the break for each quarter. The exception to this is if a player is injured and must leave the match.
3. Parents and supporters sit on the spectator sideline opposite the team benches. Parents may not sit or be on the team sideline or in either goal area. Parents must be familiar with and abide by the parent code of conduct which can be found here.
4. Coaches may not be on the field at anytime during the course of play. The exceptions to this are a. Little Kickers program, b. U6 age group. Coaches may only coach from the team sideline. During the course of the match coaches must stay on their side of the team sideline and may not cross the center line onto the sideline of the opposing team. Coaches nor parents may be behind or around the goal during the course of play. 
5. Parents may not be on the field of play during the course of play. The exception to this is the Little Kickers program. 
6. Coaches must at all times behave in a manner that provides good role models to all players, parents, and referees. Objectionable behavior will reported. Coaches ejected from a match must immediately leave the sideline and will, by national rules, sit out the next match on the team’s schedule. 
7.  Scoring: Recorded scores of all recreational soccer matches shall reflect the following parameters. Goals scores shall be capped at 10 and goal differential shall be capped at 6. The exception to this will be a close match in which the winning team scores more than 10 and the losing team has not lost by the 6 goal differential limit. An example of the exception would be a match with a final score of 11-10.
8.  Competitive Player Rule: Competitive (travel) level players may not under any circumstances be rostered or play on a recreational level team. If a player has accepted a roster spot on a competitive/travel level team they may not play recreational soccer. This applies to a player rostered on a competitive team regardless of whether they have or are currently playing on the competitive team. This is not limited to local rostering and applies to a player rostered on any competitive/travel team.
Rules for specific age groups can be found by clicking on USYS Small Sided Soccer Rules

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There are many opportunities to become a part of the Columbus Soccer Organization family. We are always looking to establish partnerships with local organizations that would benefit both our members and local groups. If you would like to become a sponsor or request more information please contact us. Don’t forget that your sponsorship contribution is also tax deductible.