Indoor Soccer Complex Campaign

Our vision for the indoor soccer facility is to renovate an existing structure to create a state of the art indoor soccer facility. The completed facility would provide indoor training space to our members during the rainy season and floods that make outdoor training impossible for long stretches. It would also allow us offer indoor soccer leagues for all ages. Maybe most importantly it would allow us to offer an indoor option for our players with special needs; several of whom are in wheelchairs or use walkers. The facility could also be offered with an appropriate fee to other organizations and activities. Sports themed birthday parties could be offered there. In short, the finished facility will have a tremendous impact on the community.

The Need

For nearly two years CSO has studied the need and feasibility of an indoor soccer complex. This has included multiple cite visits and an extensive survey to our membership. The nature of the proposed complex and its need are described elsewhere in this report. What is clear from the completed study is there is a need and desire for a fully functional indoor soccer complex for the community. It will provide a space for training and play during inclement weather. It will provide space for an indoor league. It will provide space for community events and meetings. In short, this will be a game changer for CSO and the community.


The years of study also made clear that the first step is what we have before us today–a capital funds campaign to raise money to devote to the complex. The site visit and survey also made clear that the best option it to buy and renovate a pre-existing building.
This committee is tasked with raising a minimum of $250,000 to purchase and (at least) begin needed renovations. The timeline is 10 months. The committee will utilize a variety of fundraising tools including but not limited to: naming rights, direct donation, sponsorship,

Current Amount Raised

Committee Members 

Taylor Richardson – Chair

Jimmy Parker

Lindsay Clemmons

Clay Bowen

Adreanna Hendricks

Layla Wilson

Tom Velek

Committee Support

Jim Davidson, Ad Hoc Legal 
George Irby, Ad Hoc Grants
Randy Francisco, Technical Support
Robert Whitaker, Treasurer

Contact Info


Taylor Richardson


Tom Velek


Columbus Soccer Organization
413 4th Ave. S.
Suite #4
Columbus, MS 39701


Our Plan